Welcome to Colon Care Inc.

Colon Care’s mission is to educate consumers and to promote balanced colon health with the use of colon irrigation.

The purpose of colon hydrotherapy is to reduce accumulated toxic burdens, stimulate efficient colon function as well as re-educate the body while improving the digestive process as a whole.

Once this balance has been achieved, we expand our clients’ knowledge about proper nutritional support in order to maintain and obtain optimal colon health as well as enhance each and every individual’s sense of well-being.

Days and times
All courses run from:
Thursdays to Sundays, starting at 8:30 am
sharp each day. Lunch is from 12:00—1:00
pm. Practicum begins at 1:00 pm and can
run until 7:00 pm.

 Anatomy and Physiology
* Basic Nutrition
* pH Balancing Acid/Alkaline
* Enzymes, Probiotics and other supplementation
* Intestinal Pathologies
* Gut Function related to stress and emotions
* Allergies and Food sensitivities
* Dispelling myths and misconceptions
* Ayurveda and assessing/balancing Doshas
* Diet Guidelines
* Potential Problems and Contraindications
* Colon Hydrotherapy Modalities and Options
* Application of open and closed systems
* Sanitation and Hygienic Procedures
* Business Curriculum: Building a business, do’s and don’ts in advertising, ethics, pricing, client intake forms, consultations and follow-ups.

* Additional 30-hour hands-on clinical internship available to those who have completed the 70- hour course.

These course hours are scheduled on Sundays only. Inquire about future dates.